Long gap

Yes I know I know … we all thought from the previous post that this is going to be it! I’m going to be a regular blogger but obviously that didn’t happen, it couldn’t happen!

But I don’t give up so easily.  I truly believe in keep trying until you succeed! You just have to believe in it from your heart! There will be many times when it is going to get hard and believing in yourself would be the last thing on your mind but even if it’s the last thing, you’ll get to it – you’ll get to it and you’ll win!

So here I’m. Again.  Trying my best and believing in myself.

I’m going to post about the month of Ramadan in my next blog.  Shortly.  Very soon.   Before the end of today In Sha Allah.  (In Sha Allah means “God willing” or “if God  wills”)

See ya soon!

It was not happening…

I thought it would be very easy – easy to continue writing and posting pictures. Quiet honestly, it was not. I kept waiting for something to happen on its own – I kept saying once I have it all I will make it happen or once I have taken pictures of the basement I recreated with my husband for our friends – once  I have nice pictures of the furniture we made with our blood and sweat – once I have pictures of previous little projects I had done or that one shelf, a couch, a bench, a bed, a dinning table etc I had given new life to … once I have those pictures …  To this date, I don’t have the pictures.

Not because I am lazy, not because I did not care, not because it did not matter – It is just because I am a full time working mother – just because work kept keeps me busy – just because my babies kept keep me busy – just because these three little people in my life matters more ….

Although nothing happens on its own – what was I even thinking?  I know I was thinking a lot, I was just not thinking straight! So, as of today – I am going to pull those socks up, I am going to break a leg, I am going to make a mark (somewhere in the design world) and I am going to make it happen so that my post soon says “It has happened!!” not,  … it was not happening!

Let’s begin … shall we?

I must say that it is not easy to start blogging and not get overwhelmed.  Where does one start one from?

So, I decided to put the topics down in a list in the next blog and take it from there.

However, before we move on about it, there are two most important people I need to and would like to mention before heading anywhere else with this blog. They are the cause of this wonderful bug inside of me and creating this a passion – my darling Parents …

I do not remember a phase, a time or even a slight moment when our home was not designed and was left carelessly by my Parents.  The understanding of the design and interior decorating element that they shared and in fact still do is unbelievable! They love it; hence, I do. It is as if their passion; hence, mine.  They enjoy it to the fullest; so I do.

Consciously and unconsciously I have learned a lot from them – however, over a period of time, I have realized that our design aspect is a slight bit different and that is only because we have our own individuality, personalities, likes and dislikes.  The fact, that we can exchange and discuss our views with complete understanding has always been a big blessing and I have always cherished it!

One of the most part of this blog will be my parents work that I will be posting as much as I can – their inspirations – their stories – their advises and the confidence that their love gives us – to all of us siblings equally.

My story …

I have a deep love affair with design and nature – I would be driving past a big farm  with a long driveway to a small broken down house but I will see thru all that only to gaze on that vintage, unique, rustic colored door – Past that door, in those few seconds I would create a mental picture of a rustic retreat with clean linen and pretty flowers on that breakfast table beside a big clean lined window – a lady sitting at the window seat, sipping thru her coffee staring outside and possibly watching my car drive by …

a bit dreamy isn’t it …?

I must admit and inform you beforehand that I do tend to get philosophical at times – and sometimes I try to be funny as well (make note of “I try” because really I am not … I mean, I am, but that’s beside the fact that only in my mind I find my jokes and writing to be funny – not everyone necessarily laughs at it – with the exception of my kids of course, my siblings, my silly friends and my husband, who by the way thinks I sound funny even when I am mad at something, which would end up making me even more mad because that’s one time for sure when I am really not trying to be funny)  anyhow …

I believe in everyone’s life, there comes a point when the inner passion makes its way out and spread its beautiful pastel colored wings and essence all over your heart until you start feeling it strong and drowning yourself in its breeze with your eyes closed.

I feel that’s happening to me – yes, it is happening and its happening strong.

There’s a lot more … lot more of love, laughter, happy tears, sad tears, a strong Faith, beautiful events, sweet memories and the Design, makes me me and my story!

coming soon …