My story …

I have a deep love affair with design and nature – I would be driving past a big farm  with a long driveway to a small broken down house but I will see thru all that only to gaze on that vintage, unique, rustic colored door – Past that door, in those few seconds I would create a mental picture of a rustic retreat with clean linen and pretty flowers on that breakfast table beside a big clean lined window – a lady sitting at the window seat, sipping thru her coffee staring outside and possibly watching my car drive by …

a bit dreamy isn’t it …?

I must admit and inform you beforehand that I do tend to get philosophical at times – and sometimes I try to be funny as well (make note of “I try” because really I am not … I mean, I am, but that’s beside the fact that only in my mind I find my jokes and writing to be funny – not everyone necessarily laughs at it – with the exception of my kids of course, my siblings, my silly friends and my husband, who by the way thinks I sound funny even when I am mad at something, which would end up making me even more mad because that’s one time for sure when I am really not trying to be funny)  anyhow …

I believe in everyone’s life, there comes a point when the inner passion makes its way out and spread its beautiful pastel colored wings and essence all over your heart until you start feeling it strong and drowning yourself in its breeze with your eyes closed.

I feel that’s happening to me – yes, it is happening and its happening strong.

There’s a lot more … lot more of love, laughter, happy tears, sad tears, a strong Faith, beautiful events, sweet memories and the Design, makes me me and my story!

coming soon …


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