Let’s begin … shall we?

I must say that it is not easy to start blogging and not get overwhelmed.  Where does one start one from?

So, I decided to put the topics down in a list in the next blog and take it from there.

However, before we move on about it, there are two most important people I need to and would like to mention before heading anywhere else with this blog. They are the cause of this wonderful bug inside of me and creating this a passion – my darling Parents …

I do not remember a phase, a time or even a slight moment when our home was not designed and was left carelessly by my Parents.  The understanding of the design and interior decorating element that they shared and in fact still do is unbelievable! They love it; hence, I do. It is as if their passion; hence, mine.  They enjoy it to the fullest; so I do.

Consciously and unconsciously I have learned a lot from them – however, over a period of time, I have realized that our design aspect is a slight bit different and that is only because we have our own individuality, personalities, likes and dislikes.  The fact, that we can exchange and discuss our views with complete understanding has always been a big blessing and I have always cherished it!

One of the most part of this blog will be my parents work that I will be posting as much as I can – their inspirations – their stories – their advises and the confidence that their love gives us – to all of us siblings equally.


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