It was not happening…

I thought it would be very easy – easy to continue writing and posting pictures. Quiet honestly, it was not. I kept waiting for something to happen on its own – I kept saying once I have it all I will make it happen or once I have taken pictures of the basement I recreated with my husband for our friends – once  I have nice pictures of the furniture we made with our blood and sweat – once I have pictures of previous little projects I had done or that one shelf, a couch, a bench, a bed, a dinning table etc I had given new life to … once I have those pictures …  To this date, I don’t have the pictures.

Not because I am lazy, not because I did not care, not because it did not matter – It is just because I am a full time working mother – just because work kept keeps me busy – just because my babies kept keep me busy – just because these three little people in my life matters more ….

Although nothing happens on its own – what was I even thinking?  I know I was thinking a lot, I was just not thinking straight! So, as of today – I am going to pull those socks up, I am going to break a leg, I am going to make a mark (somewhere in the design world) and I am going to make it happen so that my post soon says “It has happened!!” not,  … it was not happening!


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