Long gap

Yes I know I know … we all thought from the previous post that this is going to be it! I’m going to be a regular blogger but obviously that didn’t happen, it couldn’t happen!

But I don’t give up so easily.  I truly believe in keep trying until you succeed! You just have to believe in it from your heart! There will be many times when it is going to get hard and believing in yourself would be the last thing on your mind but even if it’s the last thing, you’ll get to it – you’ll get to it and you’ll win!

So here I’m. Again.  Trying my best and believing in myself.

I’m going to post about the month of Ramadan in my next blog.  Shortly.  Very soon.   Before the end of today In Sha Allah.  (In Sha Allah means “God willing” or “if God  wills”)

See ya soon!


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