Buttercup & Co.

Introducing my baby – Buttercup & Co.  est. 2014  Organic | Natural | Halal

So I have this another passion – Passion of being honest and natural to yourself!  One of the most important part of being natural is to look after yourself naturally – Your body and face,  your overall skin is way more important then having to ruin it with chemicals in the long run.

So I started looking into some of the tips and tricks I inherited from my aunts and mom on how to naturally keep the glow on your skin, how to have a younger looking fresh skin. I didn’t have to look or dig deeper in those tips and tricks as a lot of is also available on Pinterest (my favorite online space) – I started trying a lot of recipes available on Pinterest at home – some of it worked and some didn’t – Because some didn’t work, I started educating myself with the kind of butters there are, the kinds of essential oils, the kind of carrier oils, vitamins, clays, muds, botanical powders etc. etc.  – I researched on all of their benefits, pros and cons and as much as information I could obtain for each and every ingredient that I intended to use.  The result –> Superb! Alhamdulillah ( Alhamdulillah means,  All thanks to Allah)

Most important and special to my heart is eczema balm which I call Ex-zema Butter Balm! I made it for my son who was suffering from the flared up eczema due to using away hydrocortisone and this bottle of lotion (I cant even remember the name of it right now) – He was 7 at that time – he came out of the shower, I slathered the lotion on his body as I usually would and within few minutes, his eczema flared up and his body was red – it was one scary moment as I had never seen it like that before – he felt a lot more itch and uncomforatblness (obviously) – That day motivated me to use all the knowledge that I had been reserving and with the help of two recipies that I combined, I made this eczema butter balm.

If you need to know one thing about me right now – it has to be that I never exaggerate … I never do and never have! (unless I am just trying to be funny or trying to prove a point)

So I am going to tell you this honestly – it took only three nights of putting the eczema balm on my son, only three nights and his eczema was almost gone. The first night, flaring disappeared and the next two nights, the normal eczema he had, almost vanished – you could see the marks but the roughness of the skin was gone – his skin was smooth and he didn’t need to scratch himself all night!  There is absolutely no exaggeration here!

I personally make all these products – so they are handmade cautiously with  fragile care.
I give my hundred percent to ensure that Buttercup & Co. helps each and every person with healing and protecting their face and body like it does for my family.

All the products are personally tested before officially becoming a part of Buttercup & Co.’s family.

I also customize the products based on your needs and skin condition.

I truly believe that Allah Subhana O’ Ta’ala ( God) has already taken care of our personal beautification thru amazing trees, flowers, clays and much more and we must take advantage of it all to maintain a healthy and natural tone and glow of our skin.

Having said all that above, do not forget that water is the utmost part of retaining your healthy skin – You can have the  whole world looking out for your skin (okay I might have exaggerated that!) what I mean is that you can have ten products on your face to protect your skin from the harshness of all the germs but nothing will work if you don’t drink enough water and let your skin breath and remove toxins out of your body!

Thank you for reading and getting yourself introduced to Buttercup & Co. –

Stay tuned for the pictures of the products and information on how you can purchase as well as some easy recipes 🙂